The feel of a capacitive switch at a fraction of the cost

SensTouch Technology

SensTouch is a revolutionary printed electronic technology offered by MaxTech Circuit. SensTouch keypads re-creates the feel of a capacitive switch at a fraction of the cost.

SensTouch achieves a very low actuation force using a patented resistive non-tactile, very thin construction. When the thin overlay material is touched, very little force or movement is required to achieve switch closure.

SensTouch also permits use of thicker overlay materials providing a smooth glass-like finish or brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look. SensTouch enables designers to create user interfaces limited only by their

SensTouch Scroll

Our Scroll or Printed Electronics Keypad technology allows for an elegant and effective interface with any number of products.

Using our revolutionary conductive ink switch technology, SensTouch creates a new world of switch possibilities.

Through decades of experience and expertise in switch technology our manufacturers understood that light actuation force switches are quickly becoming the industry standard.

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